Dr. Louis Hampers

Scholarship for Medical Students

The Dr. Louis Hampers Scholarship for Medical Students was started to provide scholarship funding to those who are in school and studying medicine. Dr. Hampers understands the difficult road that medical students face when discussing both their studies and their finances, and for this reason he wants to give back to the next generation of doctors however he can.

Who is it for?

The Dr. Louis Hampers Scholarship for Medical Students is currently open to all university students who are located within the United States and who possess the drive to go to medical school and become doctors. This scholarship is additionally available to any current high school students who are planning to attend a university and study to become a doctor. Dr. Hampers sees the burden that is thrown on students who anticipate the long years of schooling ahead of them on their journey to becoming a doctor, and this is why he has decided to reward a stellar student with $1,000 towards their tuition.


Dr. Louis Hampers

dr. louis hampers

Centennial, Colorado Medical Doctor

Dr. Louis Hampers has three decades of experience as a pediatrician. He received his Medical degree as well as his Business Administration degree simultaneously from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Wharton School. He has held noteworthy positions over his career that include Medical Director of the Emergency Department at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado and also Section Head of the Section of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.


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Dr. Hampers understands from his personal experience that there is a highly arduous road facing many medical students. With years of experience to reflect on, his aim now is to give back to the future generation of doctors using this scholarship fund. Qualified students are now encouraged to capitalize on this opportunity to earn scholarship funding. To start the process, visit our application page and check out all the details on how you can apply and enter the essay contest, which is where we choose the winner from.

Earn Money Towards Your Education

Dr. Louis Hampers understands that the climbing costs of education, especially for medical school, places a large burden on students who are studying to become doctors. Because of this, Dr. Hampers is looking to give a chance to a dedicated student through this $1,000 scholarship award. Using this scholarship fund, Louis is hoping to raise awareness for the financial struggles faced by young students throughout the many years of medical school they undertake on the long road to a career in medicine. Along the way, he also wants to help out one of our future medical leaders of the United States.


Learn More About The Dr. Louis Hampers Scholarship

For any more information about the scholarship fund or if you have any questions, please get in touch using the form found on the contact page and someone will answer your message right away. To any universities or organizations who are interested in helping out with the scholarship, we encourage you to reach out as well and find out how to get involved. We wish the best of luck to all of our students in the contest and on their journeys to becoming our future generation of doctors!


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